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A fresh collection of bold, cinematic, orchestral sound-scapes as expressions of journeys. Narrative and musically lyrical responses to imaginative visual cues.

James Fowler – Composer, Producer

James is a UK based composer and producer, with 10 years of music composition and performance under his belt. A classical guitarist with eclectic music tastes and a progressive approach to musical genres. Cloudfoundrymusic was created to serve the high bar demands of modern visual media, with music that breathes personality and emotional weight.

‘ I think in the end, all that matters is the emotional impact on a listener, regardless of an artist’s intent, how it is created and ultimately how it is eventually labelled’

James Fowler – Composer, Producer and founder of Cloudfoundrymusic

Interested in licensing our music

All music is pre-cleared, with master and publishing sides one stop (100% / 100%), no territorial restrictions and available with alts / cut-downs.